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BellaClub – Alana Alexandrino

Another fresh week and time for one more superb and fresh bellaclub update. This time we have for you another treat in the form of yet another superb Latina model today. Her name is Alana Alexandrino and according to her she’s quite the naughty little kitten when she wants to be like that, just like hot latina Polliana. Today she will be the one to grace your screens with some nice scenes as she gets around to posing around outdoors. And as you’ll see this hottie has no problems getting fully naked to show off her superb body. And she shouldn’t have any, we mean, just look at her, have you seen any woman more gorgeous than her? Well anyway let’s get this bella club scene started today shall we?

Alana Alexandrino

As Alana makes her entry to the so called set, she can be seen wearing a big and wide smile on her face in addition to the clothes that she’ll be removing for you today. As you might imagine she makes quick work of her sexy outfit and when she is completely naked she takes her time to present her amazing nude body from every possible angle in this scene. She wants you to get a good long view of all her luscious curves from every possible angle as she does her posing. Then she takes her spot on the table all naked and you can watch her spread herself all over it giving you some more great views. Stay tuned guys and be sure those bella club videos are on their way soon.

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